Monday, March 11, 2013

Beautiful Day on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Spring might not be here yet, but we had a beautiful day yesterday. Look at how blue the sky was in Salisbury, where we attended church. We were glad they had an 11 a.m. service, as we wanted to get a little extra sleep. The switch to daylight savings time is a killer every year.

We had lunch at the Golden Corral, which was a big hit with Amanda because of the cotton candy. It was a big hit with me because of the coconut macaroons, which I dipped in chocolate! I had to go back for a second one, as it was so good!

Ed had taken some pictures of the bell choir on Saturday, and I thought I'd post this video of Gloria Hodie, our first song. You can't see us, as we're five rows back directly in front of Ed. If you try to imagine it you can see Mickey's hair. She's the third from the end (right of the aisle). Listening to the bells makes me wonder who thinks of these ideas, and how do they get their friends to join them? Either way, it was a good idea, and we're having fun playing handbells!

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  1. Golden Corral has cotton candy? Someday Crystal and I will have to have lunch there.