Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter with Grandma

Ed, Crystal and I, as well as my niece, Abby, went to church with my mother today. They had a nice Easter service, with some great music from the Primary, as well as a very good women's group. They did a different arrangement of the same song our choir sang last week--Beautiful Savior. Afterwards, Brittany and John joined us for dinner at Grandma's. I got a picture of her sitting down with the newspaper here, but she got very little rest after preparing dinner for this large group!
 In an effort to see how much we could really pack away for Easter, we then moved over to my sister, Annette's house for dessert. Her grand-daughter Austenne, in the foreground seemed to have an eating disorder. She has more chocolate on the outside of her mouth than the inside! I forgot what it was like having young children.
We love meeting in Annette's beautiful sun room. We're going to miss it when she and her husband, Kent go on their mission. They're currently waiting for their call to see where they'll be serving.

Tomorrow we fly back to Baltimore. I wish it were as easy as this scooter ride. Dave, Annette's son-in-law, and his son Andrew enjoyed a scooter ride home after dinner. I thought they looked cute, but didn't realize I was also capturing the beautiful backdrop of Maple Mountain behind Annette's home. Don't be fooled by the snow on the mountain! Spring has arrived in Utah! I hope it is also there in Maryland when we get home!


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  1. It looks so green! Here in the eastern plains of Colorado it is still pretty brown.