Friday, March 22, 2013

Sofa, So Good

We got a new sofa for the living room today. We thought we were taking a little risk with the red color, but it turned out nice. We also moved the chairs out of the foyer to the living room and put them in front of the window. They have a lighter, cleaner look and they are also very comfortable.

Our new foyer has one of the end chairs from the dining room. We only use those chairs on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it will look very nice next to the table the rest of the year.

The old love seat (pictured here) has found a new home at my friend Barb's house. The wing chair went to the basement, and the bass is now in the dining room. I also swapped the rug with our bedroom rug. With the new changes we've increased the seating in the room from three people to five. Now we can have the home teachers visit us there!

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