Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ocean City and Shelbyville

I had just enough time to take a peak at the famed boardwalk in Ocean city today. It was quite pretty and I can imagine it in the summer teeming with vacationers. It made me glad I saw it in the off season.

Ed and Amanda joined the members of our bell choir for lunch. The were surprised to find out it was a good 3 hour drive from home. It seems like they should have built it closer!

We practiced most of the day for the  mass bell choir concert. We had a small audience, consisting of family members who came along on the trip to keep us company. This is the Sykesville bell ringers.

To finish off the night we drove into Deleware to see Debra's (Ed's Administrative Assistant) new beach house. It was so nice, and then, to sweeten the deal they even made us dinner! We loved it.

Debra and Jim had done such a great job at remodeling and updating the house with cute colors and unique fans, They even added on this entire room. It made me wish i had another house just so I could have the chance to decorate it from scratch.

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