Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun With Grandma

Grandma and I started the day out with a little shopping, my new favorite thing to do in Utah. I did not come home disappointed.

We spent the afternoon in the Family History Center, where Grandma is starting to work once a week. There was a lot we didn't know, but happily, we went to a training seminar this evening that answered most of our questions! I'm pretty excited to start uploading pictures and source documents. This is really going to help me be more organized in my research!

 We had dinner at the Pizza Factory in Spanish Fork. They make me so happy because they have zucchini and summer squash cut in slices skinny enough that they look like spaghetti. You can have a big plate of it and convince yourself you're eating low calorie. We might have believed it if we hadn't enjoyed the twisted bread sticks so much! Eating out in Utah comes in a very close second to shopping!

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