Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pre-Wedding Pastime

Crystal flew in last night from Colorado and spent the night at the Nuttall's house with us. It has been fun hearing about what she does in her new job in the hospital lab. She impresses us with her big words and medical terms. It sounds very interesting.

We briefly considered having cold pizza for breakfast this morning, but then wisely decided to get wild and go out for French toast at Magelby's Fresh.

You wonder how they can afford to give you a nice serving like this, complete with a slice of bacon for only $5.19. This is one of the things that makes eating out in Utah so much fun.

Brittany and John drove up to Salt Lake City with us, where we ate at their favorite Tibetan restaurant. I especially liked the lentil soup there. It was good enough to sell your birthright for!
Because we still had plenty of time left we decided to go over and see the fancy new City Creek Mall across from the temple. It is an outdoor mall with a retractable roof that can enclose the entire mall in the winter. I thought that was a great way to get the best of both worlds. It was a nice day, and the roof was open today.

We also enjoyed walking around temple square a bit. You can see from the beautiful blue sky behind the temple that Eli and Lacy couldn't have picked a more picture perfect day for their wedding!

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  1. The french toast looks so good. Glad I don't have to fight that kind of temptation!