Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pool and Pizza

There are so many people here for Eli's wedding that Ed and I and Crystal ended up homeless last night. We were fortunate that the Nuttalls offered us the use of their house for a few days. It is fun to stay here and see their beautiful artifacts they've gathered from living all over the world. Joan got to try out their grand piano that is hundreds of years old. We all gathered together for pizza and a pool party last night.

My niece and nephew, Bobo and Naji couldn't wait to get in the pool! They have a full sized lap pool in the basement.

I enjoyed some quality hot tub time with my sisters, Annette, Barbara and Joan. We missed you, Verlene!

And after we got shriveled up, there was plenty of room to just sit around and enjoy one another's company! Thank you, Nuttalls for giving us such a beautiful gathering place on Eli's wedding eve!

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  1. Annette looks so skinny! I am sure she and Kent will be a great asset to wherever they go on their mission.