Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Long Time No See!

Ed's friend Joe dropped by Sunday afternoon. They hadn't seen each other for 33 years! Joe lives in California, and dropped by while he was in the Baltimore area. They had a lot of catching up to do. They knew each other through 4 years of college and shared a house with two others the last two years. It is amazing that those four men (boys, really) shopped together and split the costs of dinners. They had a system where the first two to come home cooked the dinner and the second two cleaned up! That has to be a very unique and unusual situation for college guys! They also were able to re-live the glory of capturing the Intramural B-League basketball championship, playing on a team with the guys in the downstairs apartment. Good times!

Joe was nice to try to help Amanda learn more about her dad in the early years. It was fun for me to meet him, because I've heard plenty of stories about him over the years. It made us want to follow up with more of Ed's college group. Maybe we could go to his 35 year reunion next year! RPI (in Troy, New York) is an easy ride for us now, being a mere 350 miles from our home!

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