Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cats and Cream

I spent the day with Brittany and John today. We did a little shopping and went out for lunch at Spicy Korea, which was surprisingly good! We stopped at their apartment to give me time to bond with the cats. It was fun trying to get the perfect picture of each cat.

The cats all have pretty eyes. My favorite picture was this one of Roo, with his eerie green eyes.

Brittany and John introduced me to the joys of Subzero ice cream. The flavor choices seemed infinite. I got the cherry chocolate.

It was fun watching the girl make the ice cream with liquid nitrogen to freeze it.

I'm sharing the "dorm" room at Grandma's with my niece, Abby tonight. It was fun catching up with her at Kneaders, where we went for dinner.

If I stay here a few more days we might just have about time enough to visit all my favorite restaurants!

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