Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Laundry Quandry

January makes me want to clean and organize. Unfortunately, for Ed, that usually means a project. Happily for me, he is always willing to help out.

This is our upstairs laundry room. It is a death trap for loose socks! There is a water basin with a drainage pipe under the washer. This means the units can not be placed close enough together to prohibit things from falling between them. And because they are front loaders, stuff also falls behind them on a regular basis. It has driven me crazy for five years.

A quick trip to Home Depot and a couple of hours work solved the problem. We got a nice sheet of birch plywood, a can of stain/polyurethane and a roll of birch trim for the front. Voila! a nice folding table and protection for socks when they come out of the dryer! Thanks, Ed, for my nice, new laundry counter!

While Ed worked in the laundry room I tried to stay out of the way by working on my scarf storage solution. Ed had given me his old tie rack, but it was't much better for scarves than it was for ties.

We bought a couple of rods and some rings, and I mounted them in the closet. Now my scarves are easier to find and neater looking. I guess that's enough work until next January!

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