Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mothers Siblings and Cousins

Annette and Kent gave great talks in Sacrament meeting today. They had a wonderful experience serving as Church Education System missionaries in Bismark, North Dakota. They had us in tears as they told us of the many miracles they experienced.

They also said some nice things about their mothers. They are both fortunate to still have their mothers around and able to attend church with them.

It was amazing to see how my nieces and nephews kids are growing up. Nikki's daughter looks so much like her!

Annette had a nice group over for brunch. Abby and Mom enjoyed the warmth of the sun in the Evans beautiful sun room.

My brother Jon's family is getting so grown up. But they are still so cute!

I tried to take a sibling selfie with Annette and Jon, but Kent photo-bombed us!

In the evening the Stevens cousins met us at Grandma's house for dinner. It was a blessing for us to be able to have cousins in Colorado. The kids feel so comfortable with one another.

Here are Brittany, John, Eli, Lacy, Abby, Judy, Grandma, Isaac. I'm sure Barbara and Kent wish they could have been here, too!

I remember when the kids were just little and hanging around our feet listening to us. When did they become the interesting ones?  They have all become talented and informed people in their own right. Grandma and I were just along for the ride tonight. It's been a fun journey!

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