Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's a wrap on Amanda's Fake Birthday

Whistling Prairie wrapped up its recording session yesterday, having done 13 songs in 7 days! Now, we have 10 months to mix them!

Our last song was Auld Lang Syne. We have big plans for this song. We'd like a giant chorus of old and new friends singing on it. Ed will put together an mp3 file of it and ask you to record your own voice into a separate file to add to our original. If you live in Maryland we can record you here in the Bush Basement. (Remember We Are the World?)

Here is a video of the recording session:

Then, we celebrated Amanda's birthday, which isn't till January 11th, but it's nice to party while we're all together. She had her traditional birthday flan, which we all love. After a week of candy it's nice to have something smooth and just sweet enough to make you happy!

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