Monday, January 19, 2015

Salt Lake City and back to Salem

Mom and I went up to Salt Lake City today. We stopped in to visit with her sister, my Aunt Charlotte. She has a cute dog named Spike who attacked me, but I forgave him. I'm sure he didn't mean it!

We had lunch at my brother, Jon's, house. His little girls both can run like a horse on hands and feet, just like Brittany used to do. Maybe it is genetic!

We stopped by in Herriman to see our friends the Nortons and their cute little dogs. I have got to get myself a lap dog! Chuck and Renee have adjusted very well from moving from LA to SLC! They're living the good life!

In the evening we had Family Home Evening with Mom's friends in the community. We played a fun game called What Do You Think, where we had to try to make our guesses match those of other people.

We also had a cake for Dean's 92nd birthday. Loralee didn't think he'd be able to blow the candles out himself, so she gave him a little help. That is what the people are like here. They are always looking out for each other! I'm glad Mom will continue to be in good company when I go back to Baltimore!

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