Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun with Family

John came over to Grandma's house this morning to hook up her new sound bar. She was very happy to find out that it really helped the quality of her sound and that she can understand the TV much better.

It added another remote control to her collection, but happily she knows exactly what each one is used for!

Then we turned off the hot water heater and furnace and set off two insect foggers in the house. Mom is trying to get rid of the no-see-ums in the house. Let's hope this works!

Then Grandma and I met my sister, Annette for some shopping and eating. We looked at some very expensive sewing machines. Then we went over to Chuck-a-Rama to stuff ourselves silly and talk about stuff. It is so nice having Annette home again!

In the evening I met up with the Nuttalls for racquetball at the rec center. They have the most beautiful courts in Provo! I haven't played for so long, and loved schooling the young'ns. They have some promise, but I'm happy to say I'm still young enough to give them an old fashioned whooping.

I enjoyed playing John's brother, James, who had a few good moves. It was fun giving him a few pointers that made him more competitive.

We topped off the evening with hot chocolate and floats at Pop and Sweets. James and Kristy (John's brother and sister-in-law) are very interesting people, and I really enjoyed getting to know them better. They've lived in more countries than I've visited!

We finally broke up the party and went our separate ways. I'm doing my blog and thinking that my right arm is going to be a little sore tomorrow. It was totally worth it!

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