Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last Day in Provo

I spent my last afternoon in Provo with Brittany and John. Since they live on Center Street, we thought we'd go for a walk right through downtown. They have lots of cute stores and restaurants just down the street from them.

The tabernacle/temple renovation is coming along. It was hard to get close to it to get a good picture, what with all the construction fences.

The pigeons had the best view from the top of the angel Moroni.

It was fun guessing the ages of different old homes and public buildings. Many of them are from the 1890s. The Maeser building took away the guesswork, with a big 1898 right in the front.

They took me to a Mediterranean restaurant where I got a pita sandwich with lentil soup. We ran into cousin Abby there! What were the chances of that?

We finished off the evening with a trip to Rancho Market, where they have the largest selection of Mexican food I've ever seen. You can't buy this many types of chilis in Baltimore! We settled for buying a large flan and taking it home to share.

It's been a great trip. Tomorrow I fly home into a snow storm. I hope Ed can make it to the airport to pick me up!

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  1. When we were at BYU, we went to church in the Women's Gym and had other meetings in the Maser Building