Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Gig Miracle

We had a band miracle this week. Jen's mom passed away last week, and Jen flew to Utah this week. Instead of cancelling our gig on Friday we asked Barb to come and play Reagan's music and Reagan to play and sing Jen's music. With only a few practices we weren't sure we could pull it off.

It was just like old times hanging out with Barb again. She, June and I all wore red coats to the gig. Barb said we could be the Tories.

Everything went of without a hitch. Okay, there was one small hitch where one of us played the wrong instrument on an entire song, but it was great anyway! We played at Lorien in Elkridge, and one lady told us we really cheered her up. That made us happy.

It also made us happy to pet the therapy dog, a sweet Welsh terrier named Cricket. It gave me some ideas for Coda...

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