Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Will Sing for Cookies

The Pearl Strings were paid in kind for our gig this morning at the North Laurel Community Center. It is an adult drop in day care center, and we love them. We played there in May, and they loved us, so asked us back. They were ready for us with cards and cookies this time!

We played in front of a roaring fire (on a screen). It was a low key performance for a small but appreciative group! Jen's husband, Jeff, came along and took some pictures for us.

This was the closest he got from a smile out of me!

Jen was especially sparkly! (Pulling out all the stops for Jeff?)

I was proud to see June cozying up to the mic in this picture!

Here is Helen, squeezing out every bit of emotion from her fiddle!

Reagan is the beautiful girl on the end all the boys are swooning over! We keep mace in her bass case for emergencies.

We finished up at Mimi's where we talked about how much we love each other. (A lot.)
And, in one last attempt to make our birthdays the highlight of the season, Reagan and I got some Mimi's crepe cakes, which we shared with the band (and Jeff). A fun day! Now we can get ready for Christmas!

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