Thursday, December 31, 2015

Walk, Work, Welax

Ed and I started out the morning by walking Coda. Ed got a FitBit for Christmas, that is not quite as generous with the step count as mine! But, we both made our 10,000 steps!

We got to work on our music a little earlier today, as we finally had most of the arrangements worked out. That process took a good part of our time the previous few days.

Mabel got passed around to whoever had the singing part in each song. She was so cute!

Reagan came over and took family photos for us. We're hoping to get a new album cover for next year's CD out of it. It was fun having someone else tell us what to do for a change!

This shot of the men in the family is straight out of GQ!

Amanda and Nolan made a spiced pumpkin soup for dinner. It was delicious with crunchies of fried kale and sesame seeds.

We finished up the evening with a bad movie "Queen of Blood." It was okay by me, as I got a birthday hair brushing from John during the movie!

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