Monday, December 21, 2015

Tubas and Banjos

Ed and I had a big day in Baltimore on Saturday. We started out with a Tuba Christmas in the Inner Harbor. They had an entire orchestra of tubas playing Christmas carols. The audience got to sing along on the second time through. Ed and I were their best singers!

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Family Meal. In the spirit of family dinners, we both ordered the meatloaf, which really hit the spot!

We topped of the day with a Helicon concert at Goucher college. It was a terrific folk music concert than even had an Irish dancer to get the crowd revved up. We loved it. My lips were tired from so much grinning. One of our new favorite songs is "I've Endured." We're going to have to see if Ed and I can learn it together. We have endured.

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