Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars is still...Star Wars

Since the new Star Wars movie is getting such rave reviews, we thought we'd hop over and check it out for ourselves. Ed and I saw it in 3D (not IMAX 3D). We went to the 4:30 showing in Owings Mills, thinking that we might have a chance to get tickets in a less popular theater. We were right. There were only a handful of people in the theater!

I gave it 3 stars. It was pretty good, but still Star Wars. It was like watching the original one all over again, and I never really was a Star Wars fan.

Ed gave it 2.5-3 (out of 4) stars. He thought it was good, but that it suffers from the inability to recreate the magic of the first one.

The big bucket of popcorn got four stars! Ed might have ruined a pair of pants with the movie theater popcorn dripping on them! You pay a steep price for frivolous entertainment!

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