Monday, December 21, 2015

Primary Newscast

The topic for Primary Sharing Time yesterday was the Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

I made a PowerPoint presentation in the form of TV newscast. It included some things that have already happened as well as some things that have not yet happened.

With Ed's help, we were able to superimpose the children over the presentation as they each read a few lines along with the slides.

The children couldn't see themselves while they were speaking, but Ed recorded them and we watched it together after the first run-through.

This is Sophie talking about great storms as a sign of the second coming. My head is on the bottom right of all the Junior Primary. Some of them needed help with reading.

The Senior Primary children were great readers. Jacob even got creative and gestured with his right hand! In this slide we see the gospel is now (in the future) being taught in China!

It was a fun sharing time, but I have to admit that Ed and I heaved a collective sigh afterwards that the computer program worked as expected!

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