Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pearlies Gig at Senior Center

Yesterday was the Pearl Strings gig at the Senior Center. Reagan took our pictuers with her selfie stick. It is way more fun than one would realize.

The view from above is everyone's best angle!

We warmed up in the conference room. I like this view of Helen with both her violin and her viola. She had to switch on lot in this set!

Rockwell is learning music at a young age. He's thinking, "Oh, so that's how you tune a guitar, mom!"

June was rock solid on not only her singing, but also her jingle bells!

Jen pulled off a cool jazz clarinet part for Santa Baby.

I was happy that my Stammtisch friends came to hear us. Other than starting out one song in the wrong key (no capo), I didn't embarrass myself too much!

We did some simple choreography on Deck the Halls and felt very clever! This is what we call a guitar "dip."

We rewarded ourselves with lunch at Panera where we talked about how much fun we're having--a lot!

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