Sunday, December 6, 2015

Primary Teacher Appreciation Dinner

We invited the Primary Teachers over to our house last night for an appreciation dinner. We cooked Cafe Rio copycat recipes for them. Heather kept the fresh tortillas rolling, with five burners going.

Tara couldn't be there but made both pinto and black beans for the party! We loved it! It seems the secret ingredient is cilantro in everything--even the rice!

It was hard deciding whether to go for the pork or the chicken--or both!

The food was such a hit. We heard it was BETTER than Cafe Rio! (As if that were possible.)

Heather and Reagan both gave some very motivational spiritual thoughts and suggestions for teaching. We handed out new manuals for next year, and then played a fun Primary version of Primary Feud. Thanks to our tech manager, Ed for getting that set up on the TV downstairs.

We had a few good laughs and learned that parting the Red Sea was not one of the miracles of Jesus. Team Jacob won, but team Edward plans to come back strong next year! Good luck to them!

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