Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Announcing the Alpine Nature Center!

Poppy in Lambert Park
On March 18th this year Ed and I met with Holly Nash to talk about making an online presence called the Alpine Nature Center. The purpose of it would be to educate the citizens of Alpine about the beautiful landscape they live in, as well as the flora and fauna in it.

Brittany got involved and helped us find a great design for the website, using Weebly instead of Wordpress. I did much of the groundwork, using photos from my friend Marilyn Thomsen, as well as from a few people from the community. I took the majority of the pictures for it right here in Lambert Park.

Ed learned to code HTML and did the technical work on the website, as well as writing the Living with Wildlife pages!

We have a long way to go--we need more animals, and more plants, more trails, etc. But, we are very proud to announce the website is up and running. We're hoping to have lots of visitors!

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