Monday, May 29, 2017

Bolder Boulder 2017

We walked the Bolder Boulder Road Race in Colorado today. It brought back some fond memories of walking it in 2009, the last year we lived in Colorado.

This year we walked with Crystal and her roommate, Kerrie.

Walking with almost 60,000 people can be a challenge, but we managed to weave in and out as we power-walked through the course, occasionally even walking all together!

Our wave was the very last to start! Our goal was to make it to the stadium in time to take a victory lap inside the stadium. They close the stadium to only elite runners at 11:45!

We were happy to arrive by 11:10, averaging 15 minutes and 45 seconds per mile for the 10K!

We collected our snack bags and stayed in the stadium for the memorial day commemoration. This year we were smart enough to sit on the east side of the stadium. It had a little more shade and a beautiful view of the mountains!

The program was very moving, ending with parachutists dropping into the stadium bearing flags of the armed services. I loved this picture of the stars and bars with the Flatirons behind it!

We watched the storm clouds brewing in the distance, but happily, we made it back to the car before it started raining! Everything was perfect (if you don't count the giant blister Ed got on the ball of his foot!)

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