Saturday, May 27, 2017

Poppyland with the Kids

We took Brittany and the girls over to the Lambert ruin to see the poppies this afternoon. Even the house foundation is full of poppies.

The field next to the house was a sea of poppies!

Mabel loved sitting on the logs, despite the fact that we were making her pose for pictures.

She especially liked this big log!

It turned out to be next to impossible to get Mabel and Clementine to smile at the same time, but we had fun trying!

Back at our house they were much more cooperative! Clementine is developing into a real smiler!

Mabel had a ton of fun lining up colored alligators in the window sill. We had a good time just watching and listening to her babble!

In the evening we put the kids to bed and the party continued with the Pinyon Rats practicing in the basement!

We had so much fun we plum wore out the dog. She snuggled up to the bass and fell asleep! Having fun can be exhausting!

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