Friday, May 19, 2017

Good to See Ann is Thriving in Reno!

We made it to Anne's house! One of her houses, anyway. She owns half of Reno it seems! It has been so great to see Anne again after 10 years!

We're staying at the "Lodge," which is decorated so cute. It's very comfortable and has some great retro bathrooms!

Now that we live in Utah, Anne is just over the mountains! Nora and I made the trip in just 7 hours! I had heard that the drive from Salt Lake to Reno was boring, but we didn't notice, because we were so so busy talking!

We went out to dinner at the Silver Peak, where we had salmon and lamb burger! Then we talked some more! We almost closed down the restaurant!

Then we came back to the lodge with the beautiful starry lights for more talking! You have to talk a lot to catch up on 10 years!

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