Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Chesterfields (sofas, couches or divans)

We had our new couches (or "Chesterfields", a word I learned from Anne yesterday)  delivered last week. We had ordered them from Bassett Furniture a couple of months ago and were happy to finally get them!

With the rounded couch in the window area and the new chaise by the fireplace we have a little extra seating space.

The new blue carpet gives the room a lighter feel. The old couch and love seat (seen here) are languishing in the garage till we can find someone to relieve us of them.

We kept our old wing chairs, although Brittany offered to take them if we were tired of them (which we are not)!

If you know of any Utah charities that will cart off our old furniture, I'd like to know. I've made several phone calls and come up short! The couch is sturdy but has some embarrassing holes in the fabric that just match Coda's claws!

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