Sunday, May 28, 2017

Visiting Crystal in Denver

Ed and I made it to Denver today in time to have dinner with Crystal. We started the morning with  9 a.m. church with Brittany and John and left Provo about 10:30. It was fun to arrive just in time for a delicious home cooked meal!

We got to see Crystal's new apartment, and her new bed that she bought just in time for us to come sleep in it tonight!

It was fun stretching out our legs after sitting in the car all day. Crystal took us on her favorite walk after dinner!

We went right past the light rail station where Crystal commutes to work every day.

It was pure prairie, and beautiful with the sun casting deep shadows. 

We walked as far as Cherry Creek reservoir and then came home and watched a movie about a winning Cross country team (MacFarland, USA). It got us all revved up for our big walk tomorrow morning in the Bolder Boulder 10K!

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