Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rock Canyon Hike

He hiked Rock Canyon in Provo today. It starts right next to the Nuttalls house, and Marti and Ellis accompanied us part way before they got smart and turned back!

John and Brittany carried the girls the entire length of the 6 mile hike! It was straight uphill the first 3 miles. We enjoyed the roar of Rock Creek beside us for much of the trail.

We stopped for lunch at the half way point. We did not eat the baby on the table, but we were hungry enough to try!

Even Mabel had worked up a healthy appetite by lunch time!

We spotted a new and beautiful flower--the yellow Avalanche Lily, or Glacier Lily. Apparently, their roots are favorites of grizzly bears. Glad we didn't see any of them!

Mabel accidentally pulled one of the heads off. She felt bad when she couldn't get it to go back on!

On the way back Mabel took a nap on her daddy's back. I was jealous! By then my dogs were barking!

We were happy and smug to finally arrive at the mouth of the canyon again. We did it! Now for a nap!

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