Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back in Denver again!

Crystal picked me up at the airport in Denver this morning and we dropped by at one of my favorite places for lunch--Sweet Tomatoes. We miss having a great salad restaurant in Maryland.

Afterwards Crystal took me to her work in the lab at Children's Hospital. It was so high tech!

She taught me how to count white blood cells on a slide. It was pretty impressive, and made me think Crystal is really smart.

I got to see Crystal's new apartment, which was fixed up really nice. I liked her musical instruments on stands in her bedroom.

We had just enough time to stop at Kohl's so I could use my Kohl's cash. I found some nice purple walking shoes.

I got to try out my new shoes in the afternoon as we walked along the Highline Canal. It felt like being home again, although most of my memories along the Canal were on a bike.

We met Nora at Tocabe's, where we had Navajo fry bread for dinner. Mmm, good! I moved my bags to Nora's car, and am spending the night at Nora's house. It's a nice prelude to our weekend in Steamboat. We can get half our talking over before we get tot the mountains!

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