Friday, October 9, 2015

Up to the Mountains

Nora, Sheryl and I stopped at Marion's of the Rockiesin Idaho Springs for breakfast this morning.

Crystal had recommended it to us, and we were not disappointed. I had a great Mexican skillet.

We needed the hearty breakfast to fortify us for our shopping excursion at the Silverthorne outlet malls. We had to decide between shopping and hiking. They both had equal step counts, but one was much more expensive!

The walk along the blue river right along the mall was so beautiful. There were a lot of men fly fishing--maybe they were waiting for their wives who were in the stores!

We've been coming to Steamboat for years, but somehow never seem to really get the lay of the land. It took us longer than expected to find our condo, and when we got here we were surprised that we had stayed here in 2008. Our names were the very first ones in their guest book!

We ate at Mambo Italiano, which was a restaurant we enjoyed several years ago. Since we only come once a year we really shouldn't repeat eateries, as there are a lot of choices in Steamboat! We even had enough leftovers for tomorrow night, so we'll be curling up next to the fireplace and eating in!

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