Sunday, October 11, 2015

Down from the Mountain

Nora let me do her hair this morning with my fancy curling iron. It was the perfect girly activity to end our ladies' weekend retreat.

We had just enough fruit, crackers and cheese for a tasty continental breakfast before checking out of our condo and driving back to Denver. What a great weather weekend we had in Steamboat! I hope it's just as beautiful next year! ( Mark your calendars for September 17, 2016)

Nora dropped me off at Barbara and Kent's House, where they prepared squash and ore squash for dinner. It was great, because I really love squash!

We went for a walk in the afternoon despite the hot afternoon with temperatures just short of 90 degrees!

Crystal joined us for dinner, and after another spin around the block we relaxed and visited on the front porch. It was sad to think this might be the last time I visit Barbara in this home, as they plan to retire and move to Utah next year!

Crystal drove me to Verlene's house, where I was greeted by not one but TWO dogs. I forgot she had adopted Holly early this year. The dogs were so friendly and I got lots of licks, which I never get from Coda. I like dog licks, so we were both happy!

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