Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mabel's Blessing

This was Mabel's special day. Her father gave her a name and a blessing in church today. She wore a beautiful white dress made by Aunt Annette 32 years ago for Brittany's blessing.

Annette was able to be here to see the dress again and admire her handiwork. Mabel was lucky to have both sets of grandparents, Aunt Amanda, and Great Aunt Annette and Great Uncle Kent be here to support her today.

Afterwards we gathered at Brittany and John's house for carnitas, rice, beans, cookies and pie. Grandma Melzer made a lot of the food, despite the fact that she wasn't feeling well enough to come to the party.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, and Amanda and Brittany took Mabel out in the swing in the afternoon. Mabel couldn't tell them apart. They look enough alike that she was okay with either one of them.

Aunt Crystal was with us in spirit, and sat briefly with Mabel in the swing.

Roo is now my favorite cat. He is so cuddly. Monkey is out of favor, as she bit me and drew blood. I gave her the cold shoulder after that, which seemed to suit her just fine.

I was happy to have Amanda there and had her proof read my German assignment. I wrote a news article about Mabel's blessing for class on Tuesday.

I talked Brittany and John into singing for us. Mabel also seemed to enjoy the music. Good thing, because I see a lot of it in her future!

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