Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sundance and Amanda

Ed and John worked on draining the sprinkler system this morning. There is a lot to learn after you purchase a house.

Later we drove up to Sundance, where Brittany and John had their wedding reception 4 years ago. The rain kept us from hiking, but we enjoyed lunch in the restaurant there.

We took the scenic Alpine loop home. There was just enough color left to make it a pretty drive.

Brittany and I husked the ground cherries, That was a bit labor intensive. I'm hoping she has time to make a pie out of them before tomorrow.

Amanda flew in from Minneapolis tonight. She wanted to see little Mabel,  but was a little afraid she didn't know how to hold her. "Watch the head," Ed would say.

When Mabel is taken we just have to accept second best at the Nuttall house. Ed got lots of love today from Skimbalshanks!

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