Saturday, October 10, 2015

Literary Sojourn in Steamboat Springs

The day dawned bright and beautiful in Steamboat Springs. It was fun watching a hot air balloon from our balcony.

I went for a walk on the trail next to the condo. It was fun talking to Ed on my walk. Our weather was 10 degrees warmer in Colorado than Maryland!

Sheryl had the loft to herself, and looked great even before she showered this morning.

We got all cleaned up for our big day at the Sheraton with 500 of our closest friends! It was a short 10 minute walk from our hotel.

We enjoyed our table with 5 other ladies from Steamboat. All the authors did a nice job presenting, and we got motivated to read more of their books, if not to write our own someday!

After Sojourn Sheryl's friend, Cubby picked us up and took us into town. First we stopped by her dental office where Cubby checked out Sheryl's mouth and told her to stop grinding her teeth.

Then we dropped by at the farmhouse where Cubby lives. It was on 35 acres in the middle of the mountains outside Steamboat. We wished it had been night so we could have seen the stars with no light pollution!

It was so beautiful and peaceful in the country.

We enjoyed getting our doggie fix with Cubby's cute dog, Honey. It would have made Coda so jealous to know she could have lived on 35 acres full of deer and antelope to chase. That's doggy heaven!

It's been another great Sojourn weekend, and I look forward to same time next year!

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