Thursday, October 15, 2015

Getting Ready for Grandpa Ed

Brittany and I cleaned the patio and the study this morning  before stopping off at J Dawgs for a tasty polish dog. Mabel slept through it.

We went for a short walk along the Provo River Walkway, which I never knew existed. Apparently, it goes way up into the canyon, as well as through town! Who knew?

We stopped by at  Brittany's old house to harvest some of her garden.

My job was picking up all the ground cherries. I had never seen one before in my life! They were a bit sour, but rather tasty.

The carrots had gotten out of control!

Ed arrived from Baltimore in the late afternoon. He was so excited to see Mabel! She was pretty interested in him, as well!

We ate in for a change (okay it was Blackjack pizza, but I did make a salad).

We have a big day planned tomorrow, so I hope Mabel and her mom get a lot of sleep toighht!

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