Monday, October 12, 2015

Day on the Town

Crystal met Verlene and me this morning for breakfast at Village Inn, which still has the world's best pancakes--bar none! I have to get their recipe!

Verlne gave me the t-shirt I started last year. I had done the background, and she painted a rooster on it for me. It's like wearing fine art!

Since it took all year to finish last year's craft project, we decided to forgo crafts and just go shopping today.

After our big visit to Sam's Club and Costco, we stopped at the mall and visited the pet store. We loved the dogs, especially the baby Queenie dog.

In the afternoon we took the dogs to the dog park. I wished I could have taken Coda. Brandy and Holly had so many friends! I even was able to get my 10,000 steps in!

We finished up the day with dinner at Rosie's diner, where I had an A+ hamburger, cooked to perfection with no pink meat!

All the times I've been to Denver, and I'm just now finding out Verlene has a great diner that close to her house!

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