Tuesday, October 6, 2015

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Mondays are busy days for me, but it's hard to complain, when they are all my favorite things.

I started with voice lessons from Lynette.She's been helping me learn to sight sing, and I'm hoping it will help my intonation.
Once a month we have German Stammtisch at the senior center. Several of our members were out of town, but we had lots of fun, anyway. Tony brought some great German crossword puzzles, which I really loved.

Suzanne and I had just enough time to walk the dogs. We ran into some obstacles on the fire road, logs that had washed up out of the ravine during last weeks rain. They provided a great picture opportunity!

Then, off to guitar lessons. I'm finishing up Hey Look Me Over and starting Moon River. Four years of guitar lessons with Frank and I'm still amazed at how much he knows, some of which is gradually spilling over to me.

We finished up the day with Book Club at Anna's house. It was a great evening. Nicholas' Sparks' story about his family and his whirlwind trip around the world trip provided great fodder for discussion. We liked the biography, but thought he was not a good traveler. We talked about all the places we've been. Between all the members of the group we've covered a major portion of the world! Anna had even been to Iceland!

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