Thursday, June 15, 2017

Catalina State Park

Ed and I went for a hike this morning in Catalina State Park, which is just a few miles from Tom and Tina's house. It was beautiful, full of cactus and mesquite, and framed by the Santa Catalina Mountains.

This Saguaro Cactus is over three times my height and also over twice my age!

The scenery was so striking it made you feel like you were in an old west movie!

Ed was very dapper looking in his cute hat!

My favorite flower d'jour was this pretty orange trumpet looking flower. I wish I had an app for Arizona wildflowers so I could figure out what it is!

After we got back from hiking Tina and I went and got pedicures together! We're ready to show off our pretty toes now that sandal weather is here to stay!

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