Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pinyan Rat Weekend

The Pinyan Rats practiced last night, which means we got to play with Mabel today! She is getting more used to our big swing set and actually asked to go down the slide!

This morning we went for a hike, and she found a big stick that she carried on her dad's back!

She also had great fun playing with rocks in the water at the diversion up Box Elder Canyon.

The hike is only about a mile one way, but Brittany pointed out that it was steeper than I had billed it! Everything is steeper when you're carrying a baby!

I took some plant pictures, including my first mullein! It was so pretty with the yellow flowers in bloom.

I also got a beautiful picture of a pale tiger swallowtail butterfly. Brittany and John were both helpful in identifying these specimens! They're not just good singers, but they are also good biologists!

P.S. Let's not forget poor little overlooked Clementine who is turning into a delightful smiler! She is now 4 months old!

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