Monday, June 5, 2017

Stewart Falls

Friday we hiked to Stewart Falls above Sundance with Brittany, John and the girls.

The girls actually didn't hike at all. Brittany carried Clementine and John carried Mabel. It was a beautiful, tree lined hike with about a thousand other hikers going up and down the four mile (round trip) trail.

We saw a lot of pretty wildflowers, including this Virgin's Bower or Blue Clematis!

The amount of water pouring over the falls was tremendous, and you had to stand pretty far away not to get sprayed! There was still snow on the hillside, and a several people crossed the stream to slide down incline in the snow.

We let the girls out of their packs while we enjoyed a picnic lunch back by the parking area. Clementine was being especially cute!

Mabel loves rocks, and was contemplating whether she could sneak these two in the car with her or not!

Ed and I stopped at the Smart Cookie Company in American Fork on the way home to try out their ice cream sandwiches. They were delicious, but entirely too big! Next time I'll have to find a friend to split mine with! (Ed did not think they were too big!)

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