Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lake Solitude

We hiked up to Lake Solitude yesterday. It is above Silver Lake, by Brighton Ski Area. It was a lovely 3 mile round trip, with not too steep of a climb.
The trail starts with a boardwalk loop around Silver Lake.

Across from the boardwalk we saw a moose feeding on some trees!
We enjoyed our peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches by the shore of the lake.

We were glad we waited till it was well into summer before we tried the hike. There were still places where we had to walk over snow on the trail!

John worked on teaching Mabel the difference between the pine trees and an aspen trees along the trail. She's a future botanist in training!

On the way down we ran into cousin Abby going up! That was two days in a row! Brittany and John also ran into her on Friday at the Parade of Homes!

We saw yellow violets, yellow wallflowers, pink sticky geraniums, blue dwarf larkspur, yellow groundsel and white false Solomon's seal. Those were just the ones we could identify! My favorite new flower was the Aspen bluebells, which were abundant along the path!

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