Sunday, June 25, 2017

Guardsman Pass

We took a Sunday drive after church today. It was a beautiful day to explore Guardsman Pass. We did a giant loop from our house in Alpine up through Big Cottonwood Canyon and down through Park City and Provo Canyon.

I seem to have lost my Montana roots, where going over Cook City Pass was nothing. When I got to the place where the grade was 10 percent and downhill I wanted to close my eyes. But I had to watch the road in case Ed became distracted by the scenery!

On the way home we drove by the remains of yesterday's Alpine fire. The red on the mountainside is fire retardant. Fortunately, it wasn't near our house, and the fire department was able to get it under control! Last night's view was a little scarier, because you could see patches of fire all along the side of the mountain!

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