Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ziel Home

Melissa and Steve invited us over to their house for dinner tonight. It was fun seeing all they had done since we last saw it three years ago when they got married.
The king of the house is Mr. Cat, who looks (and acts) more like a tiger than a cat!
 The friendliest cat was Oreo who came right out to greet us!

Ezra was also a very sweet cat. Their fourth cat, Sharpie, didn't deign to even make an appearance! We didn't measure up!

Melissa is taking harp lessons and played a song for us on her pedal harp. It was interesting to learn how the pedals work!

Melissa was brave enough to try out a new recipe on us--Creamy Chicken and Polenta Casserole. We gave it a big thumbs up!

After dinner Steve gave us a tour of his computer room. He's got an impressive array of testing equipment related to his full-time job. Ed understood much better than the rest of us what was going on back there!

It was a fun way to end our trip to Tuscon. Tomorrow we're heading home to Utah. I keep saying we're going back to Colorado. I have to remember I live in Utah now!

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