Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pinyon Friday

On alternate Fridays Brittany brings the girls over to hang out before band practice. I thought I'd lead with Clementine this time, as she is getting so smiley and interactive! She likes playing with her feet now!

We invited Zam Kabahuma over for lunch. In an amazing turn of events she is staying with friends in Alpine. Brittany was missionary companions with her in South Africa and Botswana almost 10 years ago. They had fun catching up on the last decade!

After naptime we went to the splashpad at Highland City Center Park. It has a little stream running through the rocks. Mabel loved it!

Mabel and Grandpa had a little fun in the evening as we were getting ready for band practice.

Mabel loved band practice and danced through every song. We were so loud we barely realized at one point that she was yelling "Potty!" This "no diaper" potty training has been working amazingly well! I wish I had done it this way!

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