Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Kitchen is Finished!

We came home to a happy surprise yesterday. Our pantry door had been delivered and installed! That was the last item in our kitchen renovation!

We're done! We got a new chandelier and added pendant lights.

We made the bar straight rather than kidney shaped. We got a cool refrigerator with a computer panel on the door.

We had the floor refinished in a darker color.

The decorative glass tile backsplash not only goes under the counters but up to the ceiling on the walls surrounding the kitchen sink windows.

The gray and white granite has a leathered finish on the bar and a shiny finish on the other surfaces.

We moved the cooktop to the bar, and the fridge and oven to the back wall instead of being on the side of the bar with the bar stools.

We pulled the sink 6 inches away from the window, creating space to make the dishwasher come out straight rather than angled towards the sink.

We added a "baking center" in the middle of the right wall that holds all our appliances.

We purchased bar stools (from Amazon) with gray leather seats that tuck under the bar and out of the way.

We added a second sink in the bar. Both of the faucets turn on and off when you touch them anywhere. That is very fun!

We also upgraded to composite granite sinks.

Here is the pantry door that took 6 weeks to get! The original one the builder brought over was so lightly frosted that you could read the labels on the cereal boxes! This one is perfect and even has a lovely stalk of wheat etched in under the word pantry!

Just in case you don't remember what our old kitchen looked like, here is a reminder. It's not terrible, but we like the new one much better!


  1. And don't forget we also had the floor redone in a darker color!

  2. Christine SearleJune 2, 2017 at 12:18 AM

    Wow, that is gorgeous, I love the light green cabinets too! I hope you enjoy making and eating many a good meal there!