Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuscon Temple

We took Tom, Tina and Melissa, as well as their friend Joanna, to the Tuscon Temple open house today. It is the only LDS temple with a dome on the top, which gave it a totally different look!

This photograph of the outside gave you a better idea of what the temple looks like at the foot of the mountain.

We enjoyed walking around the back and seeing the beautiful native landscaping. I love Saguaro cacti! And I love this picture of the Bush brothers!

We enjoyed a great Italian meal at Guiseppe's, where everyone knows Tom's name! Not just the wait staff, but everyone in the kitchen as well! It was like going to Cheers!

We had a little time to relax when we got home. I watched Tina show Melissa how to bind a quilt.

Ed showed Tom and Hector our Alpine Nature Center website. Hector has been helping Tom out since Tina hurt her shoulders. It is nice to have someone they trust to help get Tom to bed at night and up in the morning. It is also fun, because Hector brings fresh bread from the bakery he works at! The marbled rye alone is worth the trip to Tuscon!

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