Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our First Salt Lake Bees Baseball Game

Last night we went with the Nortons to a Bees Game. Chuck and Renee are always going somewhere interesting, and it's fun when they let us tag along. Their son Scott, also tagged along yesterday! It was also our first trip on the Salt Lake TRAX system!

It clouded over enough to make it not as hot as we expected, and the light breeze also made it a nice evening to sit at a ballpark.

The men paid more attention to the game than we did. We had great seats right behind home plate! It was also free hot dog night!

I paid marginal attention to the game, but mostly enjoyed talking with Renee until my voice got hoarse!

I'm glad to report that the Bees won 6-5.  The game went into extra innings, at which time we left. We were safely in bed by the time the Bees clinched the victory at the end of the 12th inning!

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