Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Bushes in Washington

We did the tour of Washington, DC yesterday with the Arizona Bushes. Melissa and I look so refreshed and chipper sitting on this park bench. This was before the marathon began!

We started at the FDR monument, one of our very favorite! Tom pointed out that his wheel chair has 2 more wheels than Roosevelt's!

Tina and Melissa posed in front of the Jefferson Memorial. Tina wondered if there was a paved pathway around the tidal basin when she last visited 45 years ago!

It was interesting to find out where the wheel chair access was to each monument. It was also interesting to see so many healthy looking people crowding onto our elevators! You'd think 12 year old boys might have preferred walking up the front steps to the Lincoln Memorial!

We had a bite to eat before continuing on. Tina couldn't resist feeding the birds, too! Fortunately, no park rangers caught her in the act!

I caught this cool picture of Ed and Tom as we left the WWII monument. Ed looks like he's imitating the Washington Monument!

We visited the Natural History Museum as our only museum for the day. Tina and I waited by the elephant for Tom and Ed to come in through the handicapped door on the rear of the building.

As it turned out, there were lots of Bushes in the museum that day. Here's a Bush Pig!

And here's a Bush Baby. This one reminded me that one of our our Bush babies is applying for a job at the Smithsonian! We're hoping something comes of it! We'd love to have Brittany and John near us!

Usually Ed walks back to get the car, but I talked him into hiring a pedicab, and I went along for the ride. It was so relaxing riding along the streets of Washington with the wind in our face and some pretty impatient drivers at our back!

Tom and Tina took us out to dinner at Clyde's in Georgetown. It was a great recommendation from our very friendly and helpful dentist.

Not only was the food great, but it was very entertaining watching the waiters balance the food on their arms! We were happy the food arrived at our table without incident!

Ed had the lamb, which was so tasty there was nothing left for a doggy bag. We picked up poor Coda at 10:30 p.m. from Lenny's house! Then we went straight to bed. We must rest up for a new day of sightseeing!


  1. Its amazing that the waiter can hold so many plates. Bush hog is kinda cute. But I wouldn't want to met him in a dark alley.

  2. You are so lucky to live close to DC!